About Company

EG Marketing Strategies was founded in 2002 to provide strategic consumer insight and project management in all areas of market research for large corporate clients. In 2007 EG Marketing Strategies expanded to provide world class branding services and facilitation to non-profits and small businesses as well as corporations.

EG Marketing Strategies focuses on bringing the voice of the consumer to the boardroom for better informed business decisions.  Founder and President Ellen Gottlich has over 30 years of experience integrating consumer insights from various data sources with the to produce the decisions businesses need to succeed. She’s served as a liaison between consumers, agencies and R&D, and management to help consumers’ voices be heard. Having worked with companies* such as Sun Products, Unilever Foods and Home Care, Pepsi and Chase Credit Card Services , Ellen has proven ability to use consumer research to help brands grow and companies succeed.

‘all Laundry Detergent

Snuggle Fabric Softener

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

   Country Crock Margarine

Chase Sapphire Card

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Vaseline Intensive Care

  Sunlight Dish Detergent

"all Mighty Pacs

Promise Margarine

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce

'all Free and Clear

United Air Lines Credit Cards

Forty Plus of New York

Caress Body Wash

Carbonated Beverage Retail Initiatives


Ellen Gottlich received her MBA in Marketing from Wharton School University of Pennsylvania and her BA in Mathematics from The University at Albany, State University of New York. Ellen has trained as a Facilitator with courses from Creative Problem Solving Institute. She is a member of QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) and NAPW (the National Association of Professional Women). She served on the board of Forty Plus of NY, a not for profit career counseling organization. With EG Marketing Strategies, your business will benefit from her expertise and experience in utilizing best practices and translating data into actions to see your company succeed and grow. Give EG Marketing Strategies a try!



“Ellen is a gifted and creative consultant. She provides superb services and usable results. She is a pleasure to work with.”
Steve L. Professor of Psychology at Touro College
“Ellen Gottlich is one of the most passionate, current and innovative researchers I have worked with since being with PhaseOne. Working on JPMorgan Chase/ PhaseOne projects with her was a pleasure due to her ability to stay organized and focused... Ellen is a true professional in the research community and her knowledge is vast and relevant. Ellen’s ability to facilitate the collaboration between her research group, ad agency and marketing as well as other contributions always helped us provide better output of our findings that in turn gave JPMorgan Chase optimum results of our service”
Shawn S. Client Relationship Executive

EG Marketing Strategies Mission Statement

EG Marketing Strategies strives to provide clients with practical solutions to their business issues.

Whether leading research projects, facilitating ideation seasons or translating disparate types of data into a holistic story explaining consumer perceptions, values and behavior, the company aims to help clients move their business forward to reach strategic goals.

Listening – o understanding the client’s needs to meet goals against the right objective
o understanding what the consumer is telling us through actions and words
Partnership – Client relationships are the key to success. Working together as a team with clear communication results in a better ability to achieve intended goals
Integrity – Honest and straightforward communication
Flexibility – Willingness to adapt program to changing client needs
Passion – Treating all client projects with respect and as a project ‘owner’
Future Forward – Selecting methodology appropriate for the issue including the latest techniques
Sense of Fun and Excitement – Each project is a new adventure, a new puzzle to solve